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You need a bigger skiff anyways.
One of the few propositions that is always right, lets call it the first axiom of modularitis.

If its just the Clock Signal you need, you can easily do this with a PicAxe 20x2 chip, an Optocoupler and a simple Transistor or OpAmp Output Stage and a few lines of code ill happily help you with.

Good suggestion: using a PicAxe makes it even simpler than going down the Arduino route. This could actually be a great tiny DIY project for an ultra-narrow 2HP module if you use a minijack for the MIDI IN.

What about 6HP with 8 Outputs for 1/24, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, Start , Stop. 2 HP won’t even get you the right height you need for PCB+Socket+Chip, 6 HP allow for 2 Resistors and a Chip in width:

Works for me. :slight_smile:

Who else wants one? If we hit 10 ill do it :slight_smile:

Aww heck, I’m game! If nothing else it pushes it closer to the big X.

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I will require a pre-programmed chip though.

Sure…. Complete Kits……

Im in… Could also be just pcb so I can put that picaxe cable to use.
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Me too, WANT !
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Do you want a nice Factory Made PCB or selfetched HardCore DIY Style?

I bow to rules of diy - self etched ! As long as it will not by too much hassle for you, if the count will keep low…

Doesn’t matter…
Maybe we should start an new thread for this?

Do we need a MIDI Thru?

Could be nice if there’s room for it, but that’s no deal breaker I think.

Might be cool to make this a slightly more fully-featured MIDI-to-CV interface, maybe?

Nope. If we go that way we are heading direction Yarns 2.0….

Just let it be what its meant to be: a simple MIDI Clock to Gate Converter, with even no Knobs or Buttons…… just 8 Outs and a LED that blinks when MIDI Clock is detected.

Will it be a hardware midi thru or a soft? In case of a soft it would be great to also have it do clock to midi. But lets’s keep it simple. Maybe midi in with only 2 or 4 clock outs but with buttons to switch the clock resolution per output? And then also have values like /64 /48 /32 /13 /11 /9 /7 /5 /3?

Hardware thru for optimum timing :wink:

With 24clock ticks per quarter note = 96 Ticks per note i guess “uneven” values like /11 or /9 would need some extrapolation in a PLL am not to fond to do on a PicAxe. I really like the idea to have a very simple module without any user interface that just spits out clock triggers. No Manual, no hassle, no problem understanding.