Cyclic v1.7 now available

Happy to report that a long overdue update to Cyclic is now available, v1.7, allowing it to continue running on modern OSs, use today’s plugins, etc…

New Features
Now runs only as 64-bit application, and only allows for 64-bit plugins
• Now supports hosting of VST, VST3 and AU plugins (AU Mac-only)
• Pentatonic scale support
• Plugin blacklisting, for plugins found to be problematic on app startup
• Basic support for Dark Mode (menus and title bar only, Mac 10.14.x or greater)

Improvements / Bug Fixes
• Entirely new plugin scanning process, should be more reliable and thorough, and avoids crashes.
• Fixes major bug on newer Mac OSs, which resulted on blank white screen on startup
• App now starts up with audio switched On by default, rather than Off
• Removed option to choose whether to operate with or without plugins
• Minor user interface improvements

As always, this is a free update for existing users, and the price remains the same for new users.

Please note that for Windows users, the installer will NOT remove any previous, 32-bit installs of Cyclic. So to avoid confusion between versions, you may want to manually uninstall older versions before installing this new one.