Cyclic v1.6

Hello old friends! Have not been active on the forum for quite some time - Real Life™ has gotten in the way!

But I recently made some time to update Cyclic once again, and so without further ado - there are many new features, as well as several bug fixes:

New Features

  • ReWire audio slave support
  • Individual stereo outputs for each plugin
  • Freeze individual note status/value/velocity/gate/cc1/cc2 to prevent from being randomized
  • Solo a subsequence
  • Reverse a subsequence’s direction
  • More control of audio I/O and signal vector sizes/sampling rate, to allow for better timing performance

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  • Highlighted every 4th step on circle
  • Status of Play/Stop button no longer stored as part of a Preset
  • Changing Presets is now more responsive
  • Changed ‘M’ button (Mute) to power icon instead for each subsequence
  • Moved position of color identifier/selector for each subsequence to the right
  • Added Panic button (in addition to existing ‘P’ keyboard command) to send all-notes-off command
  • Fixed bug in which MIDI start/stop messages were recognized even when in Internal transport mode
  • MIDI Program Change status no longer saved as part of presets.

More information here:

Enjoy, and thanks for your ongoing support!

Ooooh, looks good! Must upgrade to it this weekend. Cyclic and Nodal are my two favourite sequencers.

Thanks Bennelong!