Cyclic v1.5

Wanted to let folks know that a new version of Cyclic is now available!

There are many new features, as well as several bug fixes and a major effeciency improvement:

New Features

  • VST plugin instrument hosting for up to 3 plugins
  • Send two separate continuous controller MIDI streams (CC1 and CC2)
  • Per step Velocity, Gate, CC1 and CC2 control
  • Override Note, Velocity and/or Gate options per subsequence
  • Override Velocity to zero, allows for “CC-only” subsequence
  • MIDI CC control of almost all parameters, with easy to use MIDI learn feature
  • Constrain random value ranges
  • Added . key to toggle between Main and Setup
  • Added P key for Panic
  • Added LED for MIDI clock

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  • Significantly reduced CPU use, especially on graphics-challenged systems
  • Active step now highlighted in white, easier to see
  • Updated Mutable Instruments logo
  • Added tool tip for presets to remind how to store/recall presets
  • Fixed Preferences name

It’s a free update for existing users. Price remains the same for others.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cyclic, it is a collaboration between Olivier and I. (You can even find it on the Mutable site). And for the nerdy amongst you - yes, it is completely written using Cycling 74’s Max.

So shut off let me go ?
No need 4 hardware.

You’re not allowed to say that on this forum. :wink:

than I say
sometimes U don’t need no hardware, even that may seem hard it goes soft.
2 tell the truth I had invited a friend 2 dance,
but he had a (stinking) problem…

CycliC has a multitude of uses.

I really wish this ran on an iPad.

I’d shit bricks if it did, piscione. I’d have something musical to show someone if they asked why I’m at Starbucks with a shruthi in drone mode and a Marshall pocket amp

@BennelongBicyclist - hope it helped with the sale!

piscione andweNIverse - well that makes 3 of us then. But it aint gonna happen anytime soon, as there’s no ability to get Max apps on the iPad. The closest you can get right now is with Mira, but that only allows you to control an app running on your main computer.

In the Pd world there’s an interesting development called PdParty that allows you run some Pd natively on iOS (and I think on Android too) - but no where near sophisticated enough yet to allow me to pull off something like Cyclic on it…

Guess I’ll have to re-learn C or something!

@dnigrin - yup, got a very good price for a rare but very rusty mid-70s synth - - which has financed purchase of two Shruthi kits with a third to follow.

I’ll probably buy a copy of CycliC in due course, rather than just play with the demo version for 30 minutes at a time. I’m currently exploring Nodal - see

Hmmm, it just occurred to me that it may be possible to implement a more general version of CycliC as several cyclic networks in Nodal…

Yeah, I’ve looked at Nodal in the past, though didn’t spend too much time with it. Looks cool!

I had a further play with Nodal last night, and it is very easy to create complex cyclical polyrhythmic melodies, with scale constraints etc, just as you can do in CycliC, and it is easy to modify most things on the fly as you can with CycliC. In Nodal, each node can also play chords, and you can specify velocity, pitch-bend, portamento or any type of CC messages to be emitted as each node fires, complete with linear or polynomial automation curves. Each node (i.e. note/chord) can have a different duration, so you are not restricted to just 4/4 time. And you can have any number of steps in your loops, and any number of loops etc, all running simultaneously. Basically it is a lot more general than CycliC, while still being quite accessible, with a much shallower learning curve than, say, Max/MSP or Puredata. However, if your requirement is a step sequencer for live performance or simple noodling, then CycliC is the ant’s pants. But for more complex sequencing and aleatoric composition, Nodal is very interesting indeed, and provides a very useful intermediate between sequencers like CycliC and full Turing-complete programming environments like Max/MSP/Puredata or general purpose programming languages with MIDI capabilities and music composition libraries, such as Python. Nodal is definitely worth the US$30 they want for a license to unlock the free demo version…

Thanks for that review - it sounds very similar to what my thoughts were when I looked at it previously. Seemed very powerful, but with a steep-ish learning curve, and somewhat on the nerdier end of the spectrum. Your assessment is right on - with Cyclic (and with most of my software sequencers, perhaps with the exception of the Klee), I try and go for something a bit more immediate, and which you can grasp pretty quickly.

Thanx for advising nodal 2 me.
Great stuff and totally different approach of composing.

@dnigrin: No, I don’t think Nodal is particularly nerdish or has a steep learning curve - the manual is just 42 pages long and half of it is a tutorial - it is pretty immediate. It is more like CycliC or other traditional software sequencers are specific realisations of a Nodal graph, with a UI optimised for that particular realisation. Not as immediate as CycliC, but still only requires an hour or two to fully understand and get rewarding results. This tutorial provides a good introduction, and this is a good example of what it possible with even simple Nodal graphs.

Hehe, thanks 4 the example good starting point 4 tonights session.
But as simple as this program first appears, it is quite unlimited in possibilities.
And with buildin synth one can try w/o hardware.

Thanks Bennelong

Quick note to let folks know that version 1.5.1 is now available - it fixes a bug that prevented the remote MIDI CC control of Reset All and subsequence Resets from working. Also, the Tab key now cycles through the event array tabs to make keyboard navigation a bit quicker.