Could not find CVpal related section so forgive me but I would only like to know more about the CVpal together with ipad. Being USB class compliant it should work ? … or is there anything else to it? XX

iPad + “camera connection kit” + CVpal = works out of the box.

Hi pichenette. thx for quick answer - tried on IOS7 ?

Yes, it works on iOS 7.
It allows you to use awesome apps like the lemur controller with CV :slight_smile:

Great thanks !

@flocked can you make us a video of that in action?

PSA: You’ll need the “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter” instead of the “Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit” if you have a newer iPad that you charge with the tiny lightning plug.

@supercollider: Yes, I ca make a video, If I would have an eurorack… :smiley: Give me 1-2 weeks and I can hopefully make you a video :slight_smile:

If you havent seen this already. Allow me to blow your brain out

interesting but I couldnt see how Id make use of it Musically.

Oh lord. Let’s not fire up THAT discussion…