CVpal troubleshooting

Hi all,

I’ve recently build a CVpal but discovered a weird problem. First of I can’t tune the 2.5V and 3V voltages on both channels becouse they won’t measure on my meter (Fluke 113) they work when driving a VCO and l get a read on all the other voltages(0.5V, 1V, 1.5V, 2V, 3.5V and 4V) but not on the 2.5V and 3V? (I feel like an idiot… This can’t be right!)

Also my cubes crashes when using the CVpal. It seems to be at random order.
I’m on a updated Windows 7 system with Cubase 5.5.

Hope you guys have a clue!

This seems fixed without any actual fixing…! Got the CVpal running all day without any problems or chrashes. Great little module!

Still don’t get any readings on the 2.5V and 3V, though. So weird…