CVPal trouble

Hi guys ! have just put together a CVPal - LED lights on but alas not being identified on Mac nor Windows.
The only hickup I went thru in soldering was having put C5 capacitor in place of C4. I took care of this before powering the board. Also went through solder points several times, no components loose.

Posting a top view. Any help much appreciated!

Back sight would give helpful insight…. from top most things in life look good.

thanks fcd! Here’s the back

As mentioned, C4 & C5 area got a bit messy because of the mixup. Could any of these affect the USB identification process ?

Red is add more solder/check soldering, blue is reflow/check soldering…
Anywhere you see the copper of the pad might indicate that the solder didn’t properly form a joint, and from a personal standpoint I’d add more solder to the minijack outputs as well, just to make sure that there is a decent connection…
In general I’d go over everything with a soldering iron, adding in some solder here and there, but here is my “most suspicious list”… :slight_smile:

Thanks Vcent for your detailed feedback :slight_smile: I went back and resoldered/flowed nearly every suspicious joint but it seems the culprit was aforementioned C4 …!

All the solder did was to form a sphere on the end of the legs instead of flowing thru the hole so I had to heat it and pull the capacitor up… anyway long story short. It works (!) and I calibrated it, but no way of testing CV functionality as of yet… unless it’s possible to use CV sync ?

> but no way of testing CV functionality as of yet…. unless it’s possible to use CV sync ?

Not sure I understand this bit.

You mean you don’t have any synth with CV inputs to test the CVpal? If you could calibrate it, the DAC is happily working then.

Yea sure Olivier, exactly what I meant. Regarding CVsync - I have a tanzbär with CV out only and (bidirectional) CVsync. The other gear is a monotribe but I’m waiting for the custom adapter to arrive…

Fire a minijack to minijack (standard CV cable in other words) into the CV output of the CVPal, put your multimeter in DC voltage mode (20V range), and measure with the black lead on the big part of the jack, and the red on the tip.
Then send some notes to it from your DAW, and if octaves are 1V apart, it works perfectly…

already past that. thanks anyway