CVpal not detected


I’m having some issues with my CVpal kit. My macbook not detect the device (also tested with a imac), i resolder everything twice, and check usb connector pins with the microcontroller IO, at list is everything is wrong, if this two wires ( + vcc + gnd) are well connected my laptop should detect the device right?

After open audio /midi configuration OSX app, i force a rescan of midi devices, and the CVpal device was detected… but unfortunately just 1 s, after that never detected again ( same behavior on the imac).

I include an attachment of the CV pal kit soldered and a screenshot of what i got from the audio midi configuration osx app.

any clue about whats wrong?

Can we have a look on the backside (which is more important…)

And please check that the Caps (the little brown things) are in the right place, the ones next to the chips should read 104….

i double check with the schecmatic alll connection btw usb connector and microntroller. bottom layer attached.

the first idea about the issue was the micro wasn’t burned, but … after force a rescan of all midi devices… just blink there once… after that i double check with another computer, and the same… :frowning:

The Soldering at the USB Connector looks slightly imperfect, also some joints on the D/A… id suggest you reheat them.

is like this bcs i did many times… the first time was cleaner, i check point by point all usb conector and Micro IO following the schematic, and is correct. also my macbook detected for 1 sec.

thats the point…

Did you try another usb cable? You never know…

2 cables… 2 computers (OSX both), same behavior

solved… finally i found a osciloscope… no clock under the micro… clock footprint was broken.