CVPal midi sync

Hello there,

a question regarding CVpal more than MIDIpal but cannot find the topic for CVpal.
I use an ipad to send a stable clock to a sampling app inside it and would like to send to the modular through CVpal.
App in question is MIDIbus

when I connect CVpal to the ipad, it recognise the device and it appears into Midibus but i cannot specify the midi port it sends the clock to.
In reality midi clock has not midi port (as far as I know) so I am wondering if there is a way to make it work.


What do you mean by “MIDI port”?

MIDI clock is not send on a specific channel… but port - that’s something I’m not familiar with in this context. Maybe it’s for the case when a device has several physical MIDI sockets. In which case you should just select “1”.

Sorry wrong term
I meant midi channel.
If I have this MIDIbus app and I connect CVpal to teh ipad via camera connection, I cannot get any clock from teh cvpal.
I cannot select a midi channel so I cannot tell midibus to send anything on channel 12 for example of cvpal.

Any idea how I can use it for sync?