CVpal midi sync with Logic

I posted this question in the “pioneers run” thread, but I thought I’d start a new thread in case others are curious about this topic.

The Goal: I’d like to have Logic send midi clock to the CVpal so that I can have it set the tempo of other modules (Pamela’s Workout, Rene).

I have set the midi sync preferences in Logic to send the clock to the CVpal, but I’m not getting a clock signal out of any of the outputs of the CVpal. Does anyone have any insight on how to accomplish this? The CVpal works great when set up as an instrument so I know it is built correctly and can connect. Thanks for any help!

Ok. I figured it out.

1. Setup a “multi-instrument” in the environment window in Logic and configure it for use on channel 12, 13, or 14 depending on desired clock resolution.

2. In midi preferences, sync tab. Send midi clock to CVpal port.

3. Create a track with your “multi-instrument” in the arrange window and hit record or play to start sending clock to gate 1 on CVpal.

I haven’t messed around with the position pointer setting or delay but it works! Got my Pamela’s Workout and Rene syncing with Logic.

Yay for answering my own question!

Thanks for this, as CVpal will be joining my arsenal as I take the modular dive. You’re saving me some time as I’m a logic user as well.


Hmmm, why do you have to create a multi-instrument? It works too with a standard MIDI track.