cvPal latency

I’m using a cvPal with ableton live 9 on a 2013 macBook. now, I know there’s a little bit of latency with this module but in my case sounds a little bit too long; infact I always have to quantize audio after recording my modular to achieve correct sync between modular and DAW.

Is there any way to reduce that latency?

thank you

Yes. Use another DAW. Ableton is famous for its wobbly MIDI Timing, its not the CVpals fault, it works flawless with next to no latency here with Logic or CycliC

I thought Logic was famous for shaky MIDI timing. :slight_smile:

Not as famous as Ableton, which is the new star to MIDI wobbliness :wink:
Logic is tight as a Cirklon when paired with an eMagic Interface…… for everything else i can’t tell

Sounds like the problem here is the latency of your audio interface when you record the audio, not any kind of “wobblyness”. Adjust your audio interface settings in the Live preferences, and/or set a delay in the External Instrument window.

MIDI timing is fine with Live these days. It still can’t sync well to outside clock, or handly SysEx, or do NRPN, but what @fcd72 refers to is no longer an issue.

To be fair - last Ableton i tried to use is 8 - and had a small ramble with a Live 9 Demo Version trying to sync with a Hardware Sequencer. Both didn’t work well.

If t2k says its fine, its fine!

In my experience the MIDI jitter you get with most modern DAWs is not something you’d be able to hear by itself. Usually if you can hear it it’s a lot more then the “normal” jitter, which means that something with your system is wrong.
I would also say that it is your audio latency as t2k says.

okay I will check! thanks

Also here to put in a good word for Live’s MIDI timing, I rarely have issues with it when I plug in my synths through a hardware mixer. However, when monitoring (and recording) through live, the latency drift is unbearable! One moment it’s 20ms and the next it’s 90. Mind you, I am using an old M-Audio USB interface, and that is the next thing to be replaced around here.