CVpal kits, pioneers run

I am counting hours for my train to Laussane tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

thanks. have fun in lausanne.

I’d like one too if there are any left.


I’d like one if there’s one left.

There’s one left for you! Welcome onboard!

really looking forward to this

All shipped!

Any idea when these will be back in stock? is it possible to send pitch bends and or/ velocity through these?

Pitch bend/velocity is implemented (answer on muff).

I actually have 90 or so in stock here, if you are OK with a beta firmware and are equipped to reprogram it in case I make firmware modifications you want to benefit from, drop me a line and I can sell you one.

can i plug an iphone directly into the cvpal and have an iphone app send midi out to the CVpal? or do i need a usb/midi interface too?

sorry - i haven’t really been following the cvpal threads…

@ootini, I haven’t tried with mine, but from what I understand is the Apple Camera Kit doesn’t work with the phones. Only the pads.

Just looked - my iPhone has no USB :wink:

The dongle converting from Apple’s proprietary connector to USB is sold with the “camera connection kit”. It works with iPads, not with iPhones (unless you jailbreak them and install the right extension, because what we have here is just another iArtificialLimitation).

ok cool. i’ll let the cvpal sail on by my net for now then… :slight_smile:

Actually with iOS 7 the camera connection kit works with iPhone (audio and midi) :slight_smile:

Really? I’ll test this when I get home and report.

Ooohhhh yeah

That is fantastic! I haven’t used the CVpal much because the iPad is too big.

There is the iPad mini …