CVpal kits, pioneers run

Hooray! So finally, everything is set.

I have 10 full kits ready to be shipped.

Price: 45€, includes an alu panel. If you don’t want to rack it, you can also get a basic cover/sandwich aka “Grabbling depreviator” (dans le texte), GM5x5x5 style. Price: 10€. Shipping: 5€ flat fee.

Special requirements: 1/ have an AVR programmer. Or 2/ do not complain if some of the first testers suggest features that I include in the final firmware and that you won’t get.

Build instructions . It’s a 10 min build for an experimented DIYer. Great for beginners too!

Shipping on monday… Book here and send me a private message with your email address, and shipping address.

count me in for one please.

Great we can do firmware suggestions :slight_smile:
I have one… triple polyphony with one gate for making a pseudo poly patch with three osc’s and one filter/vca.
I have one from the pre-pioneer run and it works great… really smart way of tuning the CV’s. I still want to try if i can get it to work with an android phone.

There are only two DAC outputs :slight_smile:

I should have know you would have implemented it if it was possible :slight_smile:

I’m in for one :slight_smile:

Looks interesting, but I’m assuming that it’s the same CVpal as the one that was tested some months back?

In that case I wouldn’t be of much use, since I’m still struggling trying to get FL to communicate peacefully with mine… Had hoped to get a breakthrough, but for now nothing to report :confused:

I’ll take one too. :slight_smile:

And one for me too !

Good choice - its an easy peasy “yes honey, ill be with you in 5 minutes” build and great fun. I recommend pairing it with CycliC via CH3/CH4 Duo Mode…

And please one for me :slight_smile: I sent you a private message.

To Do List: get an AVR programmer…

one please, pm sent.

While we are at it ;

One who would buy a new AVR programmer would need target board as well if yes what do you recommend ?

target board, you mean where you put in the chip? you can program it on the cvpal itself.

@rosch thanks for the answer. I am a newbie ( so bear with me ) who would like to do future proof investment for the tools :wink: so I am wondering if I am getting in to a DIY project (let’s say it’s a non MI project ) where it has an AVR but no programming socket on it where do you program this AVR ?

you can either make a perfboard with the few required connections, quartz and a chip socket, very easy and cheap, or buy a dev board or something. for example Atmel’s official programmer, idk the name but i think i remember i’ve seen it mentioned (recommended) just a few days ago here on the forum.

I do not want to push this topic to derailment so maybe it is better I start a new topic for my question

I’d like to build one too if I’m not too late.

I’ve taken note of all your emails. There are still 5 pieces left. I’ll send invoices on sunday evening. I’m off to Lausanne for the N/O/D/E event.