CVpal Grabbling Depreviator design files?

Is a design file for the CVPal Grabbling Depreviator available anywhere, in a vector format readable by Inkscape (eg Adobe Illustrator, SVG, EPS)? I’m about to send off an order for some laser-cut acrylic panels to Ponoko NZ and I have some spare space on a few of the acrylic sheets, and since I want to use my recently constructed CVpal with my decidedly non-Eurorack 1980s vintage modular synth, it occurred to me that I badly need a Depreviator. A Depravator would be even better. I looked for the file in the CVpal GitHub repository, but couldn’t spot it - the Eurorack panel design file is there, however, and a DWG file, which might be for the Depreviator, but I was unable to open it, even with a DWG file viewer from the Apple AppStore.

sorry buy what is the Grabbling Depreviator???

I don’t have it on my side. I’ll post the files once Frank comes back.

@pichenettes OK, thanks, would be good to have it available. From the photos it just looks like two plates with rounded corners and holes for PCB pillars, so I’ll have a stab at drawing one myself - even I should be able to do that. I was just being lazy asking for the files.

@rumpelfilter It is what Hillary Briss uses to make the special stuff.

haha now I get it!

You can very easily draw this yourself from the PCB vector file; I did so for the MIDIthru and that worked out great.