CVpal firmware change. CC01 > CC74


(This was posted in the discontinued forum, but I think I might get more visibility here.)


Oliver mentioned I might get some traction posting on this forum, so here goes…

I am looking for someone who knows these things to make a small alteration on the CVPal firmware.

All I need is Channel 7/8 mode to send CC74 instead of CC01/02.

This will allow me to use my ROLI seaboard 25 slide control to send modulation data.

I dont have the ability to change anything in C++ and cant rewrite to a chip, but if someone wants to make that change and perhaps add in to github, then I can probably find someone to burn me the chip.

Happy to Paypal a small fee to cover work & postage of a chip. anyone can help???

thanks in advance.


Where are you located? I’m located in the U.S. and could make the change and burn / mail you a chip (for example, if you mail me the blank or previous firmware chip). It should only require changing one value in the firmware. If you’re outside the U.S. that might not be economical though.


Located in the UK, but happy to pay for postage. I have the original CVPal firmware that had issues with the gate resetting, so i’m good to get a new firmware anyway… Message me with cost and PP address and I’ll send you postage & $ for chip.