CVPal case mod

I have assembled the CVPal and although I bought the plexi “case” (I don’t yet have a Modular) I love the MI Aluminum face that comes with the kit.

So I went ahead and used both.

I just bent the aluminum ears right at the plexi´s corners. I know this might be cringe inducing to some Modularheads®, but I plan to use it as a desktop device and eventually would just replace the face if it needs to rack mount.

Some rubber feet below and I have a desktop CVPal with Aluminum face, take that Shruthi XT you are not the only one! Oh and I chose the Rogan Knobs for the quantity needed too ; )

Nice! How did you bend the aluminium so exactly?

It looks classy. Nice work.

Modularhead® or not - well done! It looks nice and if it fits your way of working it would be foolish to pass judgement. One of the joys of DIY is that you can always adapt something to suit your personal wishes.

The main ingredient was patience!

Get an object with a sharp, straight and hard edge (kitchen countertops are too rounded) and affix the rest of the front plate so it won’t bend except ate this edge.

I lost way more time thinking and positioning than bending!

Awesome! PS what is that beautiful shiny plug from Out 1?

joshuagoran thanks!

Don´t get your hopes up, that plug is just an iphone headphone plug put there for photo purposes…

I like it´s design too tho.

Beauty! Looks very classy. Aluminum should bend (relatively) easily. Like Varth said, you just have to make sure you clamp it well and have a good edge to bend with.

Cut some leftover stick-on rubber from whats left of the Shruthi stick-on feet cutout, and stuck it on each of the four screws on the bottom of the CVPal.

Now it grips perfectly and doesn´t move around on the desk!