CVpal calibration

Hey there,

just finished my CVpal and was a little confused when I couldn’t get it calibrated according to the docs found here:

The text mentions a range of F#2, C3, F#3, C4, F#4, C5, F#5 and C6. But it’s actually F#1 - C5 as mentioned in the user manual:

The images in both the DIY guide and the manual also have the wrong range.

Hope this helps someone who’s lost like me…


I made the same observation and it turns out there are 2 different standards for defining the notes. Roland and Yamaha. Olivier pointed out that in Logic and probably most other DAWs there is a preference setting that allows the user to choose between these standards.

Sorry about that - there are two standards for naming notes (the “Roland” and “Yamaha” standards).