CVpal Acrylic Case?

Are these acrylic cases still available for the CVpal? Or does anyone have the plan / layout so a DIY one could be cut? Thanks for any info.

Do you mean the MIDIPal?


No, think these came with or were an optional buy when you got the CVpal direct from Mutable.

I don’t sell cases (but I haven’t sold anything for more than a year now).

I don’t have the files - it’s just two rectangles the dimension of the PCB :slight_smile:

Ah OK. Thanks. Was going to get someone I know to laser cut them so they look neat, I’ll measure the board and try and figure out the hole locations.

You can open the .brd file in Eagle and export a PDF of the board outline.

Thanks for the info!

The technical name for these is Grabbling Depreviator. Here’s mine, complete with source code:

Here is the SVG file for the above. Just delete the Plektas panel, that is for something else. You only need two panels, not three, unless you want to sandwich the source code or a condensed version of the user manual or whatever between two top sheets, as I did.

Thanks for that!

Used your svg and resized the short edges slightly so they were closer to the screw holes… Perfect!