Cvpal + 2013 apple computers: device not recognised (usb 3 issue?)

hu guys,

just about to build my copal but came a cross this forum on muffs:

as i haven’t built mine yet i can’t really perform any troubleshooting, ideas anyone?

I have a 2013 iMac and CVPal works fine.

Just tried plugging mine into the USB 3 socket on my windows PC, and it works perfectly fine, so it’s not a general USB 3 issue, and while I’m aware of the whole PC vs Mac debate, It seems like the problem is isolated to your/his computer :confused:

Most likely something with your build - please post a high res pic of top and bottom of the board so we can have a look.

any owners of late 2013 apple computers here?

Do you suppose these to remote heal your CVpal?

please read the thread on muffwiggler (link’s in my first post) before commenting again


maybe, all late 2013 shipped with mavericks.
what computer are you using?

Read the muffwiggler page now.

But it seems to happen more often with the latest Macbook air:

I read this and on some machines it runs, on some not. As all late 2013 Macs are supposed to be the same i guess the variation might be more on your side. Standard operation procedure over here is first having a look if the fault is not obvious, so we can spot anything and see how skilled you are. Most issues are resolved this way within an hour.
Without a look anything else with a description “does not show up” is wild guessing and a waste of time and would not lead you further than in your mw thread.
So please again, let us have a look.

if you have read it you would’ve seen that I haven’t built mine yet and that I’m just querying this to see if people outside of muffs have experience with it. a straight ‘no, but let’s look into it’ would’ve been sufficient.
I’m not going to post again here as I don’t really like your attitude and that you seem to jump to conclusions before getting all the required info. thanks for your time, if it doesn’t work when I assemble it I’ll just sell it and go with silent way.
thanks for your time.


I’m referring fcd72 not youeelco.

I’m sorry your time is more precious than mine and that i wasted it.

well frank, seems like you have to pay tribute to your urge to comment in every thread. not being able to read the original post is a clear sign of too many threads at once.
he may have overreacted but he has a point. accussing somebody (yes, even if its ironically) of beliving a new mac could “heal” his cvpal (i don’t even know what you mean by that) is just very patronising.

This forum is a friendly place.

Can we keep it that way ? The year has only just started …

A clash of the forums…