CV Scaling and Stages/Shades/Blinds and O&C

Okay, so I have a possibly incredibly ignorant question about cv offsetting/scaling and was wondering if Blinds might be the answer (willing and able to upload alternate firmware ;-P).
Here goes;

My case contains an O&C that likes to get -3v to +5v into its CV ins, to make it as playable as possible I’d like to have 4 attenuators whose entire range I can use to control the amount of CV going into the oc.
So I’m looking for an attenuating module that allows me to put an offset 8v into it and the attenuator will run from -3v to +5v going from ccw to cw.
Stages in step mode does this when fed a -3v offset but I don’t really want to sacrifice 4 channels of Stages.
There’s also a Shades in my case but I’d need at least 2 more Shades since feeding it -3v (logically) results in having either 0 to +3v or -3v to +3v in attenuverting mode. Would Blinds enable me to get to where I want? I suspect not as its outputs are spec’d at 5v and not 8v like Stages.
Should I just accept that 4 knobs/channels scaled to these specifics simply cost at least X amount of outs/hp or am I overlooking something incredibly basic?

Hope my post makes sense, feel like I used a whole bunch of words to ask a simple question, thank you for reading.

Blinds would work if you send a CV of 4V into it, then adjust the large knob for an offset of +1. The drawback is that you’ll “play” with the small knob to make the output go between -3V and +5V.

I would also look at a software mod. of the OC, so that it rescales in software its CV inputs from something easy to get (say 0 to 5V) to the full range.

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Thank you for your reply. :blush:

Sounds like Blinds will lead the way until I’m knowledgeable and confident enough to modify OC’s firmware.