CV Pitch Voltage Range

Can someone explain me, why the MI Elements has -1.5V to +5.5V input range for pitch( (V/Oct)? On the Doepfer website, they say pitch CV is in the range 0 - 8V. What note is played on the Elements for 0V?

Doepfer is not the only manufacturer. Some Moog keyboards output 0V when a middle C is played.

The -1.5V to 5.5V range is a compromise that gives a little margin to accept negative voltages, while not being too wide. Yes, how wide the range matters… Why not -5V to 10V for example? The wider the input voltage range, the less accurate the tuning would be due to the limited resolution of the ADC on the hardware platform used for Elements (and Rings).

From the point of view of a VCO (or tuned sound source), voltages don’t represent notes, they represent transposition, relatively to the root note set by the coarse/fine controls.

0V just means “play the same note you would play without anything patched in the V/O input”, 1V means “play one octave above that”… and so on.


Thanks for the clarification, this was really helpful.