Cv pal

I just finished building the CV PAL and have been testing it out / calibrating. Sadly, my multimeter isn’t as precise as Olivier’s - It only goes to 1/100th of a Volt. This makes me a sad panda, and any suggestions for a better multimeter are also welcome :(.

I thought i may be able to calibrate it by ear / tuning using the onboard oscillator that comes out of Gate 1 (when set to midi channel 2)… But i’m not sure the calibration effects the internal digital oscillator. Can someone confirm?


The digital oscillator is not affected by the CV outputs.

1/100 of a volt is not that bad, you can try tuning using that. It’s an error of 12 cents. Seriously, I’ve seen people using VCOs or CV interface that were much worse on the tuning front.

Ah ok, thats reassuring and thanks for confirming the DCO behaviour.

Guess its time to load it into the modular!