CV Pal Calibration

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum and this is my first post. I just got the Cv Pal and astonished myself by assembling it successfully (I think). I did get a bit confused when calibrating it, though, and I’m now pretty sure that both the Assembly Guide and the diagram in the User Manual mistakenly say that F#2 should be .500V, as opposed to F#1, C3 1V instead of C2…etc. The text above the diagram in the manual does get it right though.


Sorry - I just found a post discussing just this issue and the explanation of Yamaha vs Roland standards of naming notes. My bad.

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve added a note about this annoyance in the assembly instructions.

Hi All,

I am also struggling with the calibration bit. Maybe I am being a bit dim…

So I have built the unit and all seems well. The light comes on when plugged in and my DAW can find it as a midi destination. I also seem to have the right range of values when checked on the multi meter. For example on F#2 I get 495.1mV , F2 is 494.2mV and G2 is 495.1mV, C3 is 989.2mV, B2 is 988.2mV and C#3 is 989.2mV.


I don’t get how I actually ‘calibrate’ this? Do I need to change something or am I just checking that the value look to be in the right ball park? From the wording on the document I feel like I should be adjusting something based on the readings, but I don’t get what to adjust?

It goes on to say I should follow the chart for the notes that should be tuned…but again…but do I do? I just feel like I am measuring their voltages and not actually calibrating them. Maybe there is something I am missing?



Ohhhhh…I understand!

Click the notes above and below reference points to calibrate.