CV Pal Availability

Hi Olivier,

Is there likely to be the ability to purchase the CV pal soon? I’d like to try and build one into a small skiff. Even if it’s the parts with no panel.


I’d like to get rid of it, but Thonk will probably take over. It’s still in the shop for now.

Ah I just saw it in there,

I take it you’re not very happy with it?

Ah… I just found the windows thread! As much as I’d love to sit down and code a driver I think I’ll hold fire.

It was envisaged as a beginners project and was nearly scrapped when the lag issue of the prototype was discovered on Windows.

Anyone serious about euro would get a Yarns. But the CVPal is handy for quick testing of modules.

> I take it you’re not very happy with it?

Sorry for the misunderstanding…

I thought you were wondering whether I intend to discontinue the project!

I’ve been selling kits for this since the end of 2013, but now I’d like to stop selling DIY kits. It’s available on the Mutable Instruments shop, but at some point it’ll be available somewhere else.

Has anyone tried the CVPal with a manual hack on the USB polling rates at all? I would be interested to know if this sorted the latency as I’d discovered a previous thread with information pertaining to the 125Hz cap.

This video (although gaming related) here seems to show a massive boost even at the 500hz range.

So maybe a hacked driver at 250Hz which would protect the port and allow the lag to be usable?

Any mutable euroracking gamers with any insightful knowledge out there?