CV Pal and Windows?

Is this module only iOS?
Same thing with the Expert Sleepers ES8- WTF!
us non-Mac users get gipped!

I would like to get one to sync my modular gear to my DAW, but looks like I am out of luck. And plus I don’t own any soldering equipment or have any such skill and no meters for calibration!

It has latency issues in Windows due to some sort of USB update frequency limitation. But this was supposedly removed in a recent Windows version.

From the CVpal page:

"The CVpal is class-compliant but uses an unusual USB setting (1ms poll-rate in low-speed mode) not well supported on Windows.

Optimal latency is obtained with OS X >= 10.6.3 ; iOS ; or Linux >= 2.6.

On other systems, the CVpal will work but messages will be delayed by up to 8ms"

Thanks for the info.

Is iOS just faster for certain applications? Lots of musical programs or even things like the new Brian Eno album and app are Apple only. Really a shame.

Android just doesn’t improve it’s audio engine. It has huge latency and no decent interfaces are available. That’s why you will see audio apps only on iOS.

iOS is a consistent beast.
If something works on a device, not only does it “just work”, it will work on all other iOS devices, whereas Android devices can be more finicky about it.
This makes it cheaper to develop for, and since everything is already available for iOS, it has been established as the leading platform for musical gadgets and apps, which means new apps will certainly appear on that appstore, whereas Android may or may not get a version developed for it.