CV Pal and MIDI USB Hardware Host, anyone ever tried?

Maybe a bit of a strange one, but there’s 2 options out there just now, for me getting things connected to other things.

I have the OP1 and a CVPal, So 2 class compliant midi devices and am trying my hardest to avoid a computer at all costs … even going so far as to pickup an old roland VS multitrack to make music as far from work as I can :wink:

I’ve also got a lovely Akai 80’s re-routable patch bay for midi so this will make a little more sense in the weird midi usb solution…

In terms of the compliance of the CVPal & Latency has anyone ever tried it on either an oplab, or an kenton USB host? As this device would stand to allow MIDI access to both my OP1 and my Modular for sync to the hardware multi track and sequencing from an MPC.

Also I know, yarns exists… but alas it’s not got that dual functional requirement I’m looking for. So for just now the purchase will be 1 to serve many uses. Unless yarns suddenly gets an addition of a usb host in which case I’d be begging to be a beta tester (tell me what the suitable bribes are)

I see the oplab has 2 ports too for hosts, so I’m thinking if someone has tried the CV pal with that, It may give me some really cool sequencing options when everything combines so any opinions, help or real world users for either the kenton / oplab with the CVPal would be great to hear from.


Maybe you need this new thing from expert sleepers

Alas no, I need to go into that midi patch bay and loop round, but man that looks cool.

An iConnect Midi 4+ sounds like what you need

I can confirm having tested and purchased in store the iConnnect midi 4 is the solution. Modular is part of the hive mind of the midi patchbay now as is the OP-1 :smiley:

Is the same setup possible with the iConnect 2 (is missing the USB connector on the back)?

Alas no. It doesn’t have the usb host port, only the usb audio passthrough

Thanks, do you think it would be possible to just use the iPad, CV Pal and the iConnect2? Looking for a solution to power the iPad while using the lightning port.