CV Input/ Output

Is there any manual for the possibiltys of cv Inputs / Outputs you can build on the shruti?
And its possible to have a cv output fpr sync?

There is, however, some helpful information about CV in/out in the Shruthi FAQ.

Here is a protection circuit for the CV inputs. It works, but don’t expect precise musical control. I’ve used this circuit (with help from Frank in the design) and haven’t had any issues.

Both No.

If you want to try, id recommend using clamping with a MPC600x used as voltage follower for the CVs powered by the Shruthis Rails.
Don’t know what I’m talking about??
So was i a year ago……
If you can’t make any sense of this you probably fry your Shruthi connecting CVs to it.

thanks for your answers. i guess its better to use the shruti without cvs at first. maybe later i will built it. i thought, i could use him in connection with a ms20.

the CVs on the Shruthi are not meant to be “classic” V/Oct, Filter and Gate CVs compatible to the Analog standards. Its the only design fault the Shruhi has is having them called “CV” - as now everybody assume he can just plug in his Eurorack Cables. Maybe they should have better named “Modulation Inputs” or something farer away from “CV”