CV in/out

If tried and searched the forum, but are there any safe shemantics of how to input/output lfo-frequency cv voltages through SPI and/or I2C based DACs/ADCs?

I’m a software guy, and have less understanding on analog electronics.

Perhaps i’m just not using the correct search terms?

Can anyone point me to that ressources

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Is your question about the analog circuit that goes between the jack and converter (“signal conditioning” circuit)? Or is it specifically about hooking the converter to the microcontroller? In this case, can you specify which converter you use?

Typical output circuit, from a DAC output in the 0V to 2.5V range to the full -5V to +5V range, with some margin:

Vref is the 2.5V voltage reference produced by the DAC (from TI’s DAC8x5x series), the op-amp at the bottom is used to drive a two-color LED.

(Source: Marbles)


Typical input circuit to convert a CV from the -5V to +5V range to the 0V to 3.3V range, with clipping, a 100k input impedance, and some low-pass filtering:

Requires an op-amp with unipolar supply, and rail-to-rail inputs and outputs.


Okay, this was an impressive fast, competent and exact answer to what i was looking for :slight_smile:

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Could this circuit be used as a CV o/p for a infra red detection circuit. Looks to me to be perfect for that. Just replace the DAC I/p with an IR detection I/p. Would that work?

I don’t know. This is a forum about Eurorack modules :slight_smile:

No worries. thanks for the quick reply. I think it would.