CV in on stripboard for Midipal

Not sure if this is still of interest to anybody. However, I did a stripboard layout for a Eurorack to Midipal analog in interface. The voltage is scaled down by the factor of 3 in the first opamp stage and then limited to 3.3V by the following rail-to-rail opamp. The pots allow shifting/centering of bipolar voltages.
I used user Sebos circuit discussed in this thread in the Axoloti forum. To allow bipolar input voltages, I added a MAX1044 to have a symmetric +/-9V supply on the TL072.

If nothing is connected, the pots can be used as midicontrollers. I added another four pots connected to 3.3V directly for midi cc control.


Should be possible to use this on the shruthi as well and works like a charm provided you don’t get fake 6002 like me in the first try :crazy_face: