CV controlling Plaits with a theremin

I’ve finally fixed the pitch CV output on my old theremin today (turns out it was just badly calibrated, even though the audio output worked fine), so I could use it as a CV controller for the first time.


I’m going to have fun with this.

There are endless possibilities for controlling any sound-shaping parameter you can think of, of course. But what excites me most is simply that I can now play any VCO+VCA using the classical theremin volume-and-pitch setup, including digital modules like Plaits. Even though lack of practice has obliterated what little skill I had… Here’s my first try.


Thanks Dracula, now i want a Theremin :smiley:

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Hahaha! :vampire:

I fake it with a Koma Kommander, which uses infrared light to spit out two gates and two CVs. Usually play it with Elements because it’s hard to resist, but also with Braids. Audiences really respond to the connection between observed gesture and change in pitch, timbre, etc.
Very cool to pair an actual theremin with Plaits! Have fun!


Doepfer A-178 THER :wink:


I’ve contemplated adding two of those! It would be incredibly cool to have a true theremin fully integrated into my rack. The thing is, I’m afraid the mass of the rest of the rack would throw off the antenna fields, making it even harder (or impossible) to play musically.

Ideally, a theremin should be free-standing and far away from large things, both to avoid disturbing the antenna fields and to allow a good playing posture. Even then, achieving stable pitch, let alone hitting consecutive notes in a melody, is incredibly hard (as you can hear in my video!).