Cutting pot shafts?

Has anyone tried to cut metal pot shafts like those in the picture? What did you use, dremel, saw, angle grinder, chainsaw?

Several 32x times :wink: Used a Dremel-compatible Tool.

Great! Did you use a similar blade to these diamond ones:

No, i used the cheapo quartzsandmoldedewithresin version. If i had money for diamond coated blades i would have a real Dremel - i accept donations via PayPal :wink:

I have a real Dremel, but no diamondcoatedstuff…

All right, I’ll see if I can find something like that. But these diamond blades are only 6,896824€ for 6 so not too expensive, but cheapest is best of course.

Donations are only for those who check their email :slight_smile:

I just use a iron hand saw… Doesn’t take much longer if you have a good one… The most important thing is a good clamp.

I used my trusty Dremel clone with a nice clamp and some diamond-coated discs. I had to cut a lot of pots down so hand tools were out of the question.

Using shims or washers instead of cutting wasn’t possible in the thing I built either. Clas Ohlson to the rescue!

I used a belt sander which is very fast but they were very hot:-)

I was afraid of destroying the silicone grease with the excess heat from sanding them down :confused:

Did i miss something? Im pro at missing somethings…

@fcd72 real dremel is on sale on amazon right now :slight_smile:

I guess I will try cutting one pot with a hand saw, if it’s too much of a pain I’ll buy some of those fancy diamond blades at Biltema or Clas Ohlson :slight_smile:

@fcd72 If you could have a look at the mail a certain Jacob sent you a couple of days ago I would be very grateful! :slight_smile:

I guess thats one i checked on the phone and forgot to tag… i hate cloud computing :wink:

Dremel and any cutting wheel will be fine.

No matter how many diamonds, a cut-to-legth shaft is a cut-to-length shaft!

Only difference is how many cuts you will make before it shatters.

If you use the regular ones, better protect your eyes and face. A flying piece of shattered cutting disc is like a ninja Shuriken thrown from 1 meter away!

watch for dust too, once it gets in there, you’re pretty much screwed. An air compressor is pretty much one of useful devices in the world to have (next to a dremel of course). The heat issue bothers me too, go as slow as you can try to clamp the shaft below the cut so you are not transferring any more heat and vibration to the resistive pads than you have too. A heavy duty pair of bolt cutters is a much safer proposition…

Hahah, I was saving these pictures for exactly this moment :))

Heres what I did (only attempt if you know what you’re doing):

Hey Flip, you’re the man…what a frigging cool idea. I just wondered how to do this with 'bout 40 pots here. So 10 pots in a row would speed this up…some ideas are too simple to think about yourselves…D’oh !

Nice pictures!

Although I shivered a little when I saw your “little friend”! The end result seems perfect!

I’ve done some by hand with a junior hacksaw, but with the shaft gripped for safety in a drill bit - I didn’t fancy putting any force on the pot mechanism itself by securing the pot itself :wink:

I also think it’s also wise to place a shim of some description between the two ‘split’ halves of the shaft to prevent them bending - otherwise your pot knob can end up rocking as you turn it.