Cutting enclosures

With the LCD module I used, there isn’t enough clearance under the top panel of the enclosure so my case won’t make it together. What/who is the best method for cutting a space for my display?


Using a Dremel, if you own one.

The “best” method would be to get a custom top made from Frank. Doing it yourself may result in a 2 piece top. But, my suggestion would be to drill some holes at the corners of where you want the hole to be then very carefully use a dremel to cut the hole out. It should work, but it won’t look as good as a laser-cut top.

What display are you using? Did you mount the display under the MB?

I didn’t mount it underneath, which I know is my problem. It’s a pain in the biscuits to desolder that LCD so I figured I’d make it more like a giant shruthi case

I’m going to go for the drill and dremel method. Wish me luck and greater awareness for directions in the future

be careful in acrylic… it wants to gum up around the dremel cutting bits/heads/blades if run too fast. also it wants to crack as well when under to much twist/torque bu the cutting area. good luck! i did a simular thing when replacing the lcd (el foil) in my emaxII keyboard. i used a newer white and black crystalfontz one that was thicker then the old one and had to re make the bezel area around the lcd for it to fit. its a delicate processs, since you cant put material back:)