Cutoff Pot and SubOSC Pot

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Little question. If i want to mount a pot to control the level of sub osc and cutoff frequency, where should i mount the pot and what need to be checked before mounting it?

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Ok… Thanks… I will look… Thanks…

First, what Machine?

Hi :slight_smile:

SMR4 mk2 :slight_smile:

2 Ways:
A) get a Programmer
B) get a MIDI controller

Another option, which will take you a bit closer to your goal, is to solder the wiper of a pot to CV1, the wiper of another pot to CV2 (left pins of both : ground ; right pins of both : +5V); and to route, in the modulation matrix CV1 to sub ; and CV2 to cutoff.

Yet another option for cutoff: take advantage of the FM mod pads on the filter board!

You can connect the wiper of one pot to cv 1 and another pot to cv 2 (you can acces both via the connector on the left side.connect the outer parts of both pots to 5v and ground. then you can assign both pots as cv1 and cv2 in the mod matrix…
But you have to do this for each preset.
If you choose “pedals” in the system settings you could have cv3 connected to cut off all the time without the need to root it via tha matrix, but the sub osc would’t be connected.

Oops, during i wrote my reply, Olivier already replied…

@FCD72: Other question. How much is the price for an SMR4 mk2 ? Your Programmer?

140€ for SMR4 mkII kit. As for the programmer, I’ll let Frank reply…

I guess as usual (260 €???) but if you want a kit you’ll need to hurry, as Frank sells his last kits. And as far as i understood, you’ll get after this last run only the programmer pcbs and have to do the job yourself…