Cutoff and vcf not working after modding?

I thought it would be a good idea to mod my shurthi, I only did some simple ones, I added volume control, pole selector and some leds to the cvs but after trying it once I’d finished I noticed that nothing happens when I turn the knobs to change the cut off and the two vcf’s, the parameters work tho, I can get cut to work in the mod matrix if using like velocity to cutoff ect,
I’m stuck and don’t know what to try, I obviously broke something during the modding sesh :(, does anyone know and tests or things I could check to see where they fault might be?
To connect the wires to the cv I pushed the wire in between the packing pin thing instead of soldering them, not sure if this might of knackerd it?
Any help would be great

What about telling us which filter board this is?

Sorry lol its the smr4 mk2 version

Do you have the proper filter mode selected in the utility menu? If two VCF parameters are showing up you probably have SVF selected instead of SMR.

If you have the right filter selected, a picture would be great. How did you attach the LEDs? You may have accidentally made a short. I would suggest removing the LEDs and seeing if the problem persists.

Thanks got your help :slight_smile: ill give that a try today, I hate it when you try and fix something but make things worse lol, I think there’s a saying that goes with that :wink: