Custom uBraids with MI logo?


I haven’t followed thoroughly recent discussions here or via Muffwiggler so please apologize if it has been discussed already but i saw this panel popped up on ModularGrid few days ago.

As you can see Mutable Instruments is clearly mentionned as well as the commun “circles” illustration so am simply wondering if this an official uBraids endorsement ?

(i can see the “no” reply coming though). :slight_smile:


I noticed this, too. I’m 99% sure it’s Not an officially-authorised design. Having said that, there’s no indication it’s a commercial product. It’s probably just someone sharing their personal design.



Yeah, got the same feeling.
It looks very nice anyway…


No way I will endorse any kind of µBraids.

First, Braids is a thing of the past. And then, µModules do not match my own user interface standards. I’ll never use a small potentiometer for an important “performance” parameter.

It’s just a DIY thing.


What i thought.
Thanks for the official statement.
Makes thing clear.

Regarding UI, i completely agree.
Your Braids 2 idea was far better in this regard.


I actually contacted the guy on grid when I saw it, expressing my interest. He said it’s just a concept and he’ll give me more info when / if it becomes something more concrete.

It’s a really nice panel UI-wise, imo.


It won’t become anything more concrete because you cannot put the Mutable Instruments logo on a custom panel.


right… I guess the color coding and clear font are more important than the logo itself, though. :wink:

probably bad practice to ask this here, but will your conference tomorrow be streamed online?


Not streamed… But recorded and made available online later for sure!


hi @pichenettes . any news about the video?


The organizers are busy… don’t expect anything before 2 or 3 weeks.


Can I find the conference somewhere?


@pichenettes what would your stance be on a custom panel with logo on it that is on a 100% genuine MI module?

I made a custom black panel for my Grids (just a one off for personal use)
I was thinking of making panels for plaits and rings too but if it’s frowned upon by you I will refrain from putting an MI logo on them.

bare in mind that I sometimes put up videos on YT of “performances” so the panels may be seen by the public.


I guess for personal use it’s OK. And if you resell your modules, please put back the old panels!


@pichenettes thank you for the clarification.
and trust me I won’t be selling them :slight_smile:

if i ever do I will gladly put back the original panels.
thanks Olivier