Custom Shruthi SDE Build

I started work on a Shruthi SDE last week, and just went live with a Wordpress site documenting the build.

A little look at the prototype phase for the panel and enclosure:

Nice! Do you plan to share your Inkscape files for the enclosure? I love Ponoko! I have two spare SMR4mk2 filter boards for which I am about to build digital controller boards - and I might as well do the SDE mods to them while I’m at it, since they will be the last Shruthi I build (I already have four). Your case design looks ideal - but probably not in cardboard…

Thanks! Yep, once I do my last revision and assemble the final case (which will be wood and acrylic haha), I’ll share my vector files. Thanks to forum member joshuagoran for providing the .svg for his longer CV joystick version, which I used as a basis but customized.

Well done JohnnyQ42!

Looking forward to seeing (and hearing some audio demos of) your SDE build.


Question that will have already 'done.
Can you give me the link of the manufacturer of that type of casse
Thank You Very Much


Found thanks was written in the second post …