Custom scale creation and quantization

Maybe its the temperature but i cant create a comprehensive tool to keep within a scale that spontaneously forms itself while noodling and then quantize subsequent sequences within those values. Wondering how you deal with it and hoping that typing it out might add some structure to my thoughts.

What usually happens is a sequence is generated by whatever means, but lets keep it simple and say there are finite amount of steps - like 8 - and each step has a specific value. Some of them might be similar, some might be microtonal.

The lazy dream is that I can record all of those values and lay them into a quantizer - so any incoming signals will then be shifted up or down to their closest value. So if I had 8 steps with 8 values, the quantizer could be set to 8 values and then arrange the values into the 8 note scale and even communicate that even though I had 8 steps with 8 values, only 5 of them are unique.

I am noodling around in VCV with it, but any tool suggestions are appreciated.

I haven’t refreshed memory on what midi tools do thism but maybe thats a start.

Marbles has a cool cv record feature and I was wondering if this was already visited many times in modular - something that accumulates different values and lets you use them as a scale for something like a controller input.

You want to ‘train’ your quantizer based off some input and then constrain any further input after you turn the training off?

thats it. I’ve seen Scaler 2 VST but not sure I want to go that route yet - almost 800mb download of whatever for something simple.

I’ve tried a PdArray in VCV and that could be something - but it needs more functionality to sort the values.

Only hardware euro quantizers I have are the O_C’s and not sure they can do it.

What would be making the pitches that you want to use for training - something that can’t be applied to other sources?

May be why it doesn’t exist - quantizers are meant to deal with random, not learn.

Not sure about what you mean with the 2nd statement. Quantizers are “meant” to constrain incoming signals to a particular scale. What I’m after is setting that scale.

Not out of the box if I’m understanding the use case correctly. You can edit a custom scale and use the masking feature to select subsets of those notes, but there’s no way to “record” a set of values. I’m not sure how well that would work given the ADCs aren’t great, so it’d probably need some kind of quantization anyway, or fine adjust after capture.

A different approach instead of custom scales is to use a sequencer (app in o_C’s case), program the desired notes as steps, and CV control the step.

I see. I’ll keep digging and get there.