Custom OLED Displays

Hey Everyone,

I would like to get into designing custom GUIs on OLED graphic displays, such as the one that the Teenage Engineering OP-1 has:

OP-1 Display

There are a lot of tutorials and libraries for breakout projects with the arduino and small OLEDs. But I’m trying to find resources to learn how to create more advanced full colour displays on larger OLED displays such as the ones that Vishays produce.

Can anyone provide some resources for learning how to program these displays?

Here are some examples of displays I would consider using:

OLED Display 1

OLED Display 2

Thank you!

For full colour displays like that you will need a powerful processor - especially since a display like that will make you want to have fancy graphics and complicated rendering. You’ll probably need a lot of memory as well so an external sdram might be necessary.

I’d say: get an STM32F429 Discovery board. It’s got all the required hardware and is a good choice to start getting your hands dirty - even if the display is not an oled. Moving to another display later is not a big problem. The eval board is nice since there are many code examples available for it. There is a free toolchain with little effort required to get it running. And its cheap as ****.

Awesome. I will pick one up and start learning, thanks for the guidance!

Check these out.

Interesting thanks.