Custom laser cutting service offered

Hi everyone. I love making things on my laser cutter and wondered if there would be much demand for the above, here on this forum? Other than clear acrylic I can also make parts from frosted clear, silver and gold effect and also some glitter effect finishes, as well as various standard colors. Give me a shout if you have any requests and I will give you a quote. I estimate that a standard case would cost about 25-30 euros to make, more if more expensive materials are requested. I also am considering wooden enclosures.

First post and you’re offering to sell a service that is already being provided by a well known member here.
That’s not how this community works.

it is how communities work though! give the guy a break. that’s a free market economy for you.

I guess there will be some interest here, but maybe you could provide some more information first? Most important, where are you located?

Yeah, let’s give bsyndrome a chance because I have no idea how a newcomer on this forum would know about fcd72 :slight_smile: Maybe he could offer things that Frank cannot do with his machines - or maybe he’s located outside of the EU and would maybe offer better deals to some of you?

talking about things fcd72 can’t do - what is the maximum material size you could process? (talking material in general here, i’m more interested in aluminum)

Bysyndrome, can you tell us a little about yourself (“I like long walks on the beach and reading romantic novels by candlelight.”) Oops, wrong forum. Whereabouts are you located and do you have samples of your work posted anywhere that we could have a look at?

I do tend to agree with lysander.

We already have someone here of long standing (frank) providing such services both to Mutable Instruments itself, and a host of individual MI users, who has also offered various special kits to this community, as well as given a HUGE amount to the community in general with time and helpful support on a wide variety of topics.

We also have someone else who has spent a lot of time prototyping and now supplying us with wooden/metal cases that are proving very popular.

@bysyndrome: It would have been sensible to do a little reading on this forum before jumping in with both feet and offending people - sorry!

However, I’m sure we’re still open to suggestions and elaborations, so please join the community so we can get to know you a bit better


I would agree with Pichenettes, however, that it would be nice for someone outside the EU to offer these services to community members. From his pricing, however, it sounds like he is in the EU. More info is definitely called for.

Easy guys…let’s hear this guy out. Maybe he is capable of cutting wood or else. This would be the perfect complement for all people here, who buy service at Ponoko. So be welcome and let us hear something about you.

I don’t see why anyone would be offended by this. Having more options when needing a special case cut is just good; if you don’t agree, then just don’t order anything from bsyndrome.

well, given that Frank is a part of the Shruthiverse™ so much that you could say his middle name is MI, trusted person as much as it’s possible and btw great service at great prices and willing to deal with the silliest special wishes sometimes (hehe) he will always be my first place to ask for something specific, especially since he’s kinda local (Tannenzäpfle™ zone).
now for the jobs he cannot offer as of now, like 19" wide panels or larger i only have ponoko. so this would be something of interest. also for people overseas it would be good to have someone local too and i can’t imagine fcd72 going crazy over someone else also offering laser cutting.
but, as also has been said, it’s always more wise to make oneself known first, instead of offering some kind of service in the first post.
but on the other hand, when you look at Muff’s, they have a 100 post minimum rule before anyone can offer anything in the buy sell trade section, while people in high regard who are great guys to deal with (like Hexinverter, Michael Barton) also started out offering their stuff in their first posts (after being recommended on EM to also post on Muffs) and i doubt that there have been reason for complaints yet.
somebody said Tannenzäpfle™ glug glug glug

I dont see any problem with more resources…

I also agree, it does not seem cool to deny someone else the chance to provide a service. It is a privelage to have different choices, options, prices and work to compare.

Maybe I over-reacted and bsyndrome I apologize if I put you off.
But I think this is not just about free markets, it’s also about respecting the time and effort that’s been invested into this stuff by people like Frank, who I doubt makes crazy amounts of money from his services.
If someone new out of nowhere starts undercutting him and getting his business then IMO it’s not cool and goes against the spirit of this forum ( I’m purposedly extrapolating to make a point ).

Bottom line: more ressources and diversity is good, but offering this without at least a bit of personal introduction and getting to know/asking what already exists is bad etiquette - IMO again.

I dont know about that. Open source is open source, there are no “preferred” vendors, if you’re not willing to have your work used in any way anyone sees fit within the terms, then don’t share it. If I share my case designs, I don’t feel like anyone who chooses to use them has any responsibility to buy them from me. Same goes here, if they are shared, who ever can take those files to whoever they choose and if that is Frank, Ponoko, Formular, Outfab, or whoever is up to them. once u put it out there, its out there.

Might be moot, the guy (or girl) seems to have disappeared.

welcome to the forum.
what are the maximum dimensions you can cut with your machine?
you should get in touch with fcd72 i think. maybe there is some stuff you can offer and he can’t

After such a “welcome” I would also disappear.
If I have design files however, what keeps me from ordering that at Ponoko or similar? What’s special about fcd72 is that he also designs those cases. (Where’s the Midialf case!) That would be what I’d happily pay extra for.

fcd72 got to him first!