Custom firmware for Grids

This christmas I built a Grids clone on veroboards (is that the correct term?).
I chose Grids because it was one of the simplest MI modules and I already had most of the required parts. I instantly fell in love with it and bought a real Grids. My homebrew version is going to be dedicated to experiments with a custom firmware. I have already been forced to modify the code since my chip did lack the extra ADC channel required for the tempo control so I’m already pretty familiar with the code ( but I admit that I don’t fully undertand lines like ```return U8Mix(U8Mix(a, b, x << 2), U8Mix(c, d, x << 2), y << 2);```)
I want to verify my ideas before I spend too much time on it. Most of my ideas tend to already have been implemented by someone else. But as far as I know no-one have made a programmable Grids yet.

Anyway, the first step is to modify the outputted triggers so that instead of regular/acc outputs it will output all signals over some threshold (let’s say 100) and the fill knob instead works like a probability switch like on branches. The trig will be routed to the regular or alternate output for the actual channel.

The second step is to replace the settings mode with a programming mode. The chaos control will select which step (8 or 16) and the fill controls will set the value for their channels.
I’m not sure what I could use the map x/y for yet. Maybe select banks/preset?

All inputs are welcome!

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