Custom filter - aftertouch to CC conversion

Hello, I’m new in the forum.

I’m a new happy user of the midipal, but there a filter a wanted to do and doesn’t work.
I tried to do a filter/reassignement to recognize the aftertouch by my doepfer dark energy.
For that, I need to convert the aftertouch to a continous controler.
I tried with CCize fonction but the result was that the value of the aftertouch was equal to zero for the assigned CC or that the value of aftertouch change the controler number (and not the controler value).

Did somebody do a filter like that ?

Thank you for your help.

Have you tried:

  • Event type = Aftertouch (you don’t want to process poly aftertouch messages isn’t it?)
  • CCize
  • Set to = Target CC number for the first field
  • No modification + Swap source for the second field

Swap source is important since you want to take the first value of the aftertouch message (aftertouch value) and put it in the second value of the CC message (CC value).

Hi Pichenettes,

thank you for your answer.
yes, It is the aftertouch, I want to convert (channel pressure)
I tried what you said and unfortunately it does’nt work. the value of the controler is alway equal to zero.
I tried all “swap source” combinaisons (data A, Data B, A+B, none) and the results are the same.

Here are the parameters I tested:

All channels - aftertouch
Pass & CCize (to compare the aftertouch value and the CC value)
No shift

Data A: 0 to 127
Set to 74 (controleur number)
Swap source Y and N

Data B: 0 to 127
No modification
Swap source Y and N

I exchange Data A and B parameters and then it is the controler number which change with a value equal to zero.

Sorry for having wasted some of your time on this… This is indeed a use case I hadn’t planned when writing the CCize code! The “CCize” function had been designed to work only on 2-bytes messages (notes, pitch bend, other CCs). I have modified it so that it can CC-ize 1-byte message like Aftertouch or Program changes.

Please update your firmware with the latest version.

I have attached the .syx file for “CCizing” aftertouch. Tested and working!

Thank you very much pichinette.
This will be very useful for me and probably for other people.

Hi again,

I’ve got just a last question about user program storage.
When I get out of the user prog app or when I shut down the midipal, I lost the filter rules.
It is normal ?

One thing worth remembering is that when you change the program number, you need to press the encoder to validate (it must not display the [ ] around the program number). If you don’t do so, custom programs will be transfered in the wrong location.