Current MAC firmware toolchain?

Just a quick question from a noob MAC user: what is the set of tools you use on MAC OS to hack Shruthi or Midipal Firmware.
I know you have to use Crosspack, Git, Pyton … but what set of version is currently in use ?

Python version doesn’t matter much - I use 2.6 and I don’t think the code uses anything fancy ; except numpy. Numpy is bundled with OS X now.

I am currently running git 1.6 - again, doesn’t matter.

The version of crosspack I had installed is CrossPack-AVR-20100115.dmg - that’s the one with gcc 4.3.3, and it seems that things have gotten worse in terms of code size after. The latest CrossPack release uses gcc 4.5.1. I would give it a try if I were 100% there was a way to easily downgrade to the previous version.

Thanks, I will give it a try …