Current Draw? What current draw :)

That’s a SMR-4, DSP, and SVF board all running off a 9V battery :wink:

Total current draw: ~300 mA.

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good to know! thanks for posting!

how long can that battery last in this situation?

Thats a good question that I’ve been kind of wondering myself. I think I may have to run some real world tests with one next weekend when I can sit around and baby sit it

I remember running my WTPA from a 9v Duracell battery just like that. I got a good 3 hours out of it before it gave up.
Im no electronics whizz, but the Shruthi seems a lot more complex than a WTPA, so… 3 X Shruthi’s?! I’d have thought well under an hour?! At a guess…

Btw, is a that a bamboo panel I spy in that pict? :wink:

In terms of power consumption, the only difference with the WTPA is the LCD backlight. The WTPA has more logic glue, less analog stuff.

The first Shruti lasted 11h on a 9V battery.

@ paul

No, just the black one sided stuff with paper on it. I did get some bamboo done for some GM5s i built based on the 3mm amber stuff they have now at ponoko though:

This is finished with a couple coats of polyurethane:

@ Pinchenettes: wow, and that was with a backlit LCD?

Man, all this battery talk has got me thinking:


Nice juice box. Last year I found some of those half box/sled looking holders that I used for one of my Shruti (and yeah, 11 hrs. sounds about right I think I got about 3 days of moderate use). Then I couldn’t find them anywhere anymore. Just metal clips and plastic hats. :frowning: Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: