Cubase kills shruti?

the shruti seems to go dead silent after a minute or so when sequenced from cubase.
im just sending notes to it.

if i play it from the nordlead its ok for hours.
i got the latest firmware.

and now when i tried to put the latest firmware on there anyway the leds lit like halfway of the progressbar when cubase had finished the minute.

so the synth is dead. =(

should i go with reaper now?

hmm might be the soundcard not the software… but why not try reaper… maybe it works. I’ve been using it all the time and it works fine. Have you tried taking the MIDI singnal from cubase through the Nord Lead? Like you get out of your soundcard into the NL then out from the THROUGH into the Shruti… might work.

reaper almost worked. i got 7 leds lit.

ill try running it through the nord tomorrow! good advice! thank you!

One thing you could try: slow down the tempo when uploading.

Regarding the crash problem… Do you have a way of checking that you only send notes? I know of two situations where a wrong MIDI message could cause havoc: overflowing the notes stack (but this was fixed in an earlier firmware fix), and a NRPN addressing a wrong parameter value.


running the midi through my LSDJMC2 worked like a charm!
with cubase.
im gonna try some notes now.

thanks for the help!