CTRLR Panel Editor share & help!

Hey all, first post and a new proud owner of a shruthi-1! I absolutely love it!

I built my Shruthi last week and as soon as it was ready, I began looking for an editor, but all I was finding was mac only editors. So, I decided to give ctrlr a whirl. I had looked at it before when I was looking for alternatives to the StS Editor for the DSI Tetra, but right out of the gate, I was under water. I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, familiar with MIDI. I am a huge synth buff and have a couple of Moogs and DSI synths, but I do not use MIDI with them at all. But, I sat down the other day and dived in. For the most part, I was able to build a panel and get pretty much everything working. There are a couple of things I cannot seem to figure out:

1: Being able to go past patch 127 with a program change
2: Being able to get current patch loaded on the Shruthi
3: Having the value on a slider reflect something other than just increments, i.e. Tempo:show BPM as well as “superfast tempos” and multipliers (x2, x4, etc)

Im sure I had more, but cant think of them at the moment.

Here is the panel file. If anyone gets in there and looks around, I’m sure you will find some odd entries. Namely the “get patch” button. I was trying everything I could to get that to work.

So, if anyone out there could help me get these last couple of things going, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I hope some of y’all will find the editor useful. It’s not the prettiest, but, DIY isn’t supposed to be :stuck_out_tongue:

and this is what it looks like:

Ctrlr-VST-Win32.rar.zip (446 Bytes)

It seems that the latest version of CTRLR already allows to export a standalone panel (according to the thread http://ctrlr.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=891)…

  • To get patches above 127, use the “bank change LSB” CC (0x20). Ok, this is confusing because it should be the CC 0x00. My fault.
  • “0x00 0x20 0x77 0x00 0x02 0x11 0x00 0x00 0x00 0xf7” is the SysEx string for a patch request (from the manual)
  • it’s a CTRLR thing right?
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By the way, Pichenettes, is there any plan for an official, crossplatform version a Shruthi VST programer ?

Not at the moment, and if there’s an official thing it won’t be a VST but rather a standalone app.

@qp - Looks like you covered a lot of the same ground that I did this past summer:

I haven’t been keeping up with the latest Ctrlr releases, but there was a problem before with the Ctrlr support for inbound NRPN messages in the format that the Shruthi sends, that prevented the on-screen dials from reflecting the hardware ones…

@ pichenettes, Thanks for the info! I found the SysEx string in the manual when I was mapping everything out, but, I am a novice at best with ctrlr and MIDI. I have a basic idea of how everything works, but its the details of entering the data in where I get lost. Same with using “bank change LSB” CC (0x00). I am unsure where this data gets entered in in ctrlr.

@ dnigrin, It was your post that got me started building the ctrlr panel. I was looking at your design to help figure it out. I tried downloading your panel, but when I clicked on the link, Mediafire told me the file was either deleted or broken. Is it possible to get a working link from you? I am really interested in getting some of the sliders to show descriptions rather than value numbers, ie LFO 1&2 attack, LFO 1&2 master/slave. Also, does your’s have a sequencer pattern editor? I would like to build this also, but I could not find any info on it in the shruthi manual.

Thanks for your help

Sure, the file is attached. I never got around to the sequencer. Also, mine was built with an older version of Ctrlr, so no guarantees it will still work! Please continue to post your progress!

That looks great, qp. Any chance you can host the file someplace a bit less spammy? Github or the Ctrlr DDB would seem like a natural choice. Or even here :slight_smile:

@ dnigrin - Thanks! That helped answer my question about sliders showing descriptions instead of values (as simple as creating a “fixedslider” rather than just a regular slider. I am still unable to get the panel to go beyond 127 presets. I have no idea how to implement this. Also not sure where to enter the SysEx string for a transfer request, which is this: 0xf0 0x00 0x20 0x77 0x00 0x02 0x11 0x00 0x00 0x00 0xf7. Am I correct in the thinking that if I assign this to a button, I can press it and it will put all sliders and selection tabs to the current patch settings? Since it seems that ctrlr does not update each patch at the panel editor, this would be the next best thing. Otherwise, it kinda makes the whole editor thing rather useless except for creating patches from scratch.

@ jamesmcn - thanks I’m tweeking it at the moment as was planning on sending it to the Ctrlr DDB and uping it here as well tonight.

I uploaded the updated version to the Ctrlr DDB: http://ctrlr.org/ddb/?action=__download&uid=58342a85e73797df95b1ea816a2b084b

I made a couple of changes:

  1. Changed the drop down menu in osc 1&2, sub-osc, mixer and lfo 1&2 to rotary sliders with description values
  2. Changed the Tempo rotary slider from standard values to description values (good god, that took a looonnng time!)

The “Patch” buttons still only go to 127. I have not figured how to go beyond that yet. Also, I deleted the “Get Patch” button until I figure out how to get that working. Let me know of any bugs or anything that would make it better. And by all means, make changes, but please post em!


Re: where to enter sysex string, I haven’t done sysex in Ctrlr yet, but in looking at it quickly (not at my studio, so can’t test), you change the MIDI Message Type to Sysex, and then below that, you edit the “Sysex Formula” with the necessary string. The “0x” prefix for each value just means hexadecimal, and you don’t enter those characters. So for the string you posted, you would enter f0 00 20 77 00 02 11 00 00 00 f7

I downloaded Ctrlr and had a go at messing with this,
I am pretty new to all this but managed to update it for firmware 0.95 without any issues,
i also changed the design slightly and added the graphic for my cem filter board,
I can in no way figure out how to change the patch to go past 127 but it would be lovely if someone could :wink:

I also managed to create a rack in Ableton with the vst and can control some of the parameters with my Novation Nocturn

Nice! I like the darker color idea. Decided to darken it up a bit. @ dnigrin, Thanks for the info! Very new to SysEx code, NRPN (and MIDI for that matter :P). I tried it and still no go. I’m starting to think it might be an issue on the ctrlr side.

Changes in 1.2

  • Made some minor changes to names and color scheme.
  • Added a Master Volume knob
  • Added a Panic Button.


For whatever reason, when I would download it from the CTRLR DDB on the website, it would load v1.1, but it downloads v1.2 from the DDB in the CTRLR application.

Eventually I plan on adding glide control, pitch & mod wheels, audio input volume (if possible) and some other things I cant remember at the moment.

Cool, Yeah I attempted pitch and glide but like i said i am quite new to CTRLR

Downloading now

How did you implement the Master Volume?


Hmm, just asking because i was wondering if its done reducing the bits in the OSC mixer or Reducing the CVs to the VCA…

Im a bit dazzled cause im drilling the 1500th Hole in Programmer PCBs . . . .

@ fdc72 & pichenettes, yep, CC07. Found it on accident :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you !
It looks way better with that colorscheme.