CrossPack rules

I do unix programming, occasionally music and less occasionally photo post-processing, plus these hardware things, so I’m an OS X guy.

So far, I thought the easiest way of getting a nifty pre-compiled package with all the avr binaries (gcc, avrdude…) was to get the Arduino IDE. Boy I was wrong! I realized their gcc version was quite old indeed, so I installed CrossPack - fresh!

On OS X, this makes it super easy to get started with Shruti-1 development:

  • Install XCode.
  • Install CrossPack
  • Install numpy. It might even come pre-installed with the latest versions of OS X

On linux, it should be easy too, though I don’t know what is the best way of getting the avr toolchain. On Windows… hmmm… cygwin+python+numpy+winavr?

Xcode done
CrossPack in progress
Numpy to do


In a terminal:

[code lang=“bash”]

The python interpreter will start

[code lang=“python”]
>> import numpy

If you don’t get an error message, numpy was already there. If not, you might try this:

[code lang=“bash”]
sudo easy_install -U numpy