Creepy Dog 4-Pole Mission Vector Graphic

Creepy Dog 4-Pole Mission Vector Graphic

Does anyone have the Creepy Dog Vector Graphic that’s on the PCB of the 4-Pole Mission PCB?

in AI or PDF or SVG format?

Thank you

I have it, of course (since I made it).
I’ll have to ask Olivier if it’s ok if I send it to you though…

I have it, of course (since i made the Cases).
I’ll have to ask rumpelfilter which then has to ask Olivier if it’s ok if I send it to you though…


Don’t forget to attach form FE-301, 3 stamps, a copy of your ID card, and a proof of residency from your local government.

And a DNA sample of yourselves, your dog and the Daisies in the Garden.

What about this?

Applications will only be accepted in Newspeak

I think we should all vote democratically about which method should be best used by the user to state his identity and officially request the aforementioned precious graphic artifact, hereafter briefly called the artifact or the precious artifact. Also I propose to hold elections to determine who should be in charge of asking Olivier if it’s ok to hand out the precious artifact.

as an engineer always on the practical side of beeing ill gladly think about an even more byzantinic effort for which at least 3 trees have to die to get a copy of the manual - not speaking if the forms needed.

Ohh you people… Quoting Pulp Fiction Pretty please with sugar on top ought to be enuf

ok anyway… I guess it’s ok if upload the dog here, so which one was it, the front or side view?

Oh, you worked thru Form FE-301 ??

I let my computer do it for me.

Here’s the PCB graphic
use it wisely or the Mutable Police will come and get you, and you’ll have to fill out FE-301 forms for the rest of your life!

Now switching off bullshit-mode, something serious (and when I say serious I mean serious):
you can use this graphic for your work for free, just please credit us (Olivier and me aka Hannes Pasqualini) as the original authors.
ok bullshit-mode is on again.

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@Jojjelito: yeah we know how to scare people off here :smiley:

Just figured that you have to make people do as you tell them :wink: