Creating your own sequences on just the shruthi?

I’m still trying to get my head around using this kit and I know I need to practice more and read the manual but I love creating my own sequences and want to learn how to do it on this if it’s possible? I’ve had a little try but not quite getting it, can you record a sequence using a midi keyboard because I’ve had try and it can’t seem to get it, is it best to use a separate sequencer got this? Also the step sequencer… is it possible to cancel notes on the step edit screen? The one on the second pages with the numbers that you scroll down?
Thank you

Read the manual. :slight_smile:

Lol I think I do need to spend more time with the manual being be to all this, just wondered if you guys use the shruthi alone to sequence or do you sequence it through another piece of hardware?

The step sequencer in the Shruthi is very much not intended for “stand alone” use, which is something that’s also explained in the manual.

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Thanks man, I’m going to try hooking it up to the mpc :slight_smile: see what things I can make happen

Yes, you can program it alone like a tracker, or you can type in the notes via MIDI. I prefer to put them in with external MIDI. It’s just faster.
The online manual is great. Use ctrl+f to “find” keywords with your internet browser of choice.

Thanks for your help boss, I’m thinking about adding the midi mod to my volca bass and using that to sequence it

If you are looking for a cheap, stand-alone sequencer I can suggest the Arturia Beatstep. You can also make a knob-per-function template that works with a Shruthi with it. Well worth the 100$. It also does USB MIDI out to 5 PIN DIN MIDI out.
Yes, it still has some issue when using the sequencer and controller aspects at the same time, but I really enjoy it.

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