Crawling Under

I was thinking a bit about Lithophones and being buried I suppose.

Elements, Rings x2, Veils 2020, Blinds, Shades, Stages, Marbles, Beads, Plaits, Shelves and Ripples plus DLD, EnsOsc, Batumi, Zadar, PNW, 3 Sisters, STO, Hermod, etc.


I genuinely enjoyed that piece of music.

If you don’t mind me asking, how would you describe your process of composition?

Thanks for listening.

I usually sit down with some sort of vague idea in mind, normally a mood, feeling, subject, texture or ‘rhythm’ or something fairly abstract and I just start building. Once a ‘voice’ or ‘part’ is sort of in place, I’ll build around it either things that will complement, push against or otherwise form some sort of relationship with whatever’s happening (pitch, time, texture, space, sensation, etc). I just keep doing that until it feels like it’s a thing. Quite often, part of the way through, whatever the starting point was gets repatched or changed in some dramatic way (sometimes it endures though).

I guess I would describe the approach as sculptural as it deals with the object as a whole through the way the constituent parts/shapes/objects interact with each other. I’ll often leave a built patch playing and go and sit and read or potter about, occasionally popping back to tweak the odd thing that presents itself.

Once it’s cooked, I plug a stereo recorder into my mixer and hit record and then just use the desk (and/or things inside the patches) to navigate through the piece and ‘compose’ it.