Couple Ambika build questions

I will be building one of these after I build a shruthi but I was wondering how I do a power switch if Id like one. Also the volume mod I hear about might be cool. I did a search on these forums but I cant seem to find the details. The instructions for the Ambika on the site just say if you dont want a power switch to solder the two points together but thats all I see. Am I missing something? Is an on/off switch included in the BOM?
Sorry for the noobish questions but I am indeed a noob.

Hi Owensand,
Welcome to the forum. You can connect a switch between the 2 points. It isn’t in the bom.
The volume mod is changing a resistor value to have a little less amplification in the output stage to prevent distortion.

Hey thanks so much for the reply.
This would be fine for a switch right?

Just drill a hole in the plexi glass next to the AC cutout and good to go right?

Ok I thought the volume mod was to have an actual output volume pot no? I guess I can just control it with my mixer it isn’t a big deal but I thought it would just be nice to have especially if I was going to use all 6 outs.

That would work but i would prefer something like this…

You can ask fcd72 to have a custom case made with an extra hole.

There is a volume pot on the Ambika controlling the mix out.

Thanks so much shiftr! That switch is nicer for sure.

And ok I see there is a hole for the volume pot on my case. I don’t know why I was thinking there wasn’t an output control.